Rehabs and Accessibility

As we enter our third year of business, our team is quickly learning the importance of understanding the nature of renovation and correcting accessibility deficiencies. While these components may not emulate grand design and glamor, they are critical elements that must be considered on every renovation project, especially in our older buildings. As a firm that specializes in affordable housing, we have made it part of our mission to educate ourselves and our clients on the importance of making the right design decisions in renovation work. These items must always include, life safety, accessibility and making every effort to minimize maintenance operations for the Owner of these facilities.  Our team understands the complicated nature of accessibility and with our populations striving to age in place, it is important that we consider this as we design improvements to our existing buildings.

ej architecture has been commissioned to do many renovations and accessibility reviews, so we understand the complicated nature of this product.  Doing the right thing for our residents must come first, and accessibility is a part of that approach.