EJA Teams With John Lyda

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were able to have in-house design, construction and facility management capabilities. The sky would be the limit, if it weren’t for the cost. At ej architecture, we can offer you all of the services you need, at the time you need them, and at a price you can afford. These are all value added services!

John Lyda is our newest contract associate. He is an owner’s representative with a specialty in affordable housing redevelopment, rehabilitation and construction management in Denver, Colorado. With the addition of John, we can now offer project management and resident coordination services to owners and operators of non-profit, institutional and public affordable housing clients. Our complementary disciplines allow us to meet your complete real estate requirements!

Our design, construction, and strategic planning skills allow us to support very complex business goals. As example, when you have fully occupied properties, resident coordination is critical to the success of rehab, renovation and modernization projects. Facilitation and coordination is the key!

For public and non-profit entities we bring a successful track record of completion of public-private projects. From housing authorities, to urban renewal in-fill projects, to public/private partnership projects, we have always met or exceeded the goals of our clients. Your community development goals are achieved through our knowledge of how to design and build affordable buildings in order to ensure affordable housing. We will help the owner create opportunity for the vulnerable, offer family economic security, revitalize neighborhoods and ensure children have dreams. Public goals achieved through collaboration!

For private owners we bring a combined 50 years of successful completion of the owner’s visions. Our skills are broadly based to achieve the vision through market viability and financial feasibility review and analysis. Our plans meet your needs and goals!

As the owner of ej architecture, I guarantee you principal level involvement in all of our projects. John brings a career of Principal level of management of projects so we know you will enjoy the benefits we offer including – Cost, time and quality improvements to your project!

We complement our services by performing volunteer services to non-profit groups like Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, The Delores Project, and more. We give back to the community!

We would enjoy meeting you and further discussing how we can collaborate with you to accomplish the goals of your investment and the vision of your project. We will make a difference!